[Samba] Phantom Domain Master Browser

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
Fri Jul 20 06:49:44 MDT 2012

There's a phantom domain master browser showing up in my Samba nmbd.log
I keep thinking that maybe it is left over in one of the files that I
transferred over from the old server to the new server and it isn't clearing
itself out. Is there a way to clear that and is it possible to have a
phantom browser fighting over the Domain from a copied over file?
I transferred all of the Samba files found in /etc/samba to the new server.
This was also an upgrade from Samba 3.2.7 to Samba 3.6.3
I have noticed some additional files in the /var/log/Samba directory as well
as some additional files in the /etc/samba directory on the new server.


Robert Adkins II
IT Manager/Buyer 
Impel Industries, Inc. 


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