[Samba] Is there any instrospection GPO Python API available on Samba 4?

Gabriel SERPRO gabriel.cavalcante88 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 18:31:58 MDT 2012

Hello Everybody,

Is there any API available on Samba 4 that allows GPO's introspection?? (If
a Python API doesn't exist I'll try to generate binds with Swig!?)

Truly, I need something that allow me to query GPO by Guid(for example),
list some attributes (Display Name, OU that is linked, security attr) and
see or catch the value of the items defined (Computer Configuration, User
Configuration, etc.), something like that.

I tried with the MS Native API (Just work on windows and with RSAT
installed), but it just dump a XML or HTML Files with the values, which
becomes a overwhelming work for filtering and treatment.

Thanks in advance,

Gabriel Abdalla Cavalcante

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