[Samba] Anyone running samba virtual servers?

Fernando Lozano fernando at lozano.eti.br
Tue Jul 17 13:25:22 MDT 2012

Hi there,

Nobody replied to my questions about configuring a virtual samba server 
as a domain member.

Isn't anyone using this feature? Is it supposed to work with samba 

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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Hi there,

I have a samba server (version 3.6) named 'lnbxservcid' which is already
a member of a domain whose PDC is another samba server (version 3.4).
I'm using the standard samba3 packages from centos and from servnet (as
CentOS.4 comes with only samba 3.0.x, but later CentOS releases came
with samba3-3.4.x packages).

I wish to create on the lnxservcid machine another samba server (a
virtual server) so I don't need to change login scripts and windows
client UNC paths that point to a server which will be retired. The idea
is each virtual server will show it's own set of shares.

I tryed a test setup following instructions from:


On restart, domain member clients (windows machines) can connect to
lnxservcid normally. But trying to connect to lnxservteste shows a login
prompt, and no domain user works.

It looks like I have to add machine lnxservteste to the domain. But
neither "net join" or "smbpasswd" have options to tell the name of the
machine (virtual server) to join, and lnxservcid is already joined.

Any idea?

I changed lnxservcid /etc/samba/smb.conf adding "netbios aliases", "smb
ports" and "include" statements:

     netbios name = lnxservcid
     security = domain
     netbios aliases = lnxservteste
     smb ports = 139
     include = /etc/samba/smb-%L.conf


And then I created /etc/samba/smb-lnxservteste.conf

   workgroup = IBP
   netbios name = lnxservteste

   path = /mnt/teste

Should I point net join or smbpasswd to smb-lnxservteste.conf file? Or
should I change the local hostname to tool those utilites? Or isn't this
setup supposed to work? No "samba virtual server" tutorial I found on
google told about domain membership. :-(

And by the way, will the need to use "smb ports = 139" prevent Windows 7
clients from using my servers? So far I tried with only Windows XP  clients.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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