[Samba] Migrated Server Hardware - Now Experiencing Some Client Drops

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
Fri Jul 13 14:49:38 MDT 2012

I have recently upgrade the hardware that the Samba server was running on.
This also included an OS and Samba version upgrade.
Old Server
OpenSuSe 11.1
Samba 3.2.7
New Server
OpenSuSe 12.1
Samba 3.6.3
I moved over everything located in the /etc/samba directory from the old
hardware to the new hardware.
I set the new server to use the same IP Address, services, hostname. The
only difference between the two servers (besides hardware) is the OS and the
Samba revision.
It's been about two weeks now and since the switch, I have had between none
and upwards of three clients "losing" connection to the server for a short
period of time. The clients do not show anything beyond themselves and maybe
one other workstation on the network for upwards of 5 minutes. I have seen
the following error in the log.nmbd file:
[2012/07/13 10:55:06,  0]
  Doing a node status request to the domain master browser at IP failed.
Which has not repeated for several hours. In searching through my DHCP lease
log, ip address is no longer leased and it is not holding the
hostname of the PC that had that address.
My smb.conf file has the OS Level set to 65, which should be high enough to
be the master browser for the network. I also have the DHCP server providing
the server's address as the WINS Server and the smb.conf file has WINS
Support active and I am running the Winbind server.
Is there a log level that may show me more information as to what might be
duking it out with the new Samba Server? (The old server is not longer
connected to the network, it is "available" only as a last resort back-up at
this time.)


Robert Adkins

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