[Samba] waf workaround?

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Thu Jul 12 21:50:02 MDT 2012

Is it possible to build samba without waf?

It has slowed down my local samba builds by a factor of 5-10x -- it 
seems to lack
any parallelism, and on a 12 core machine, that really sucks.

When going through it's tests, it's noticeably slower than the configure 
tests that do the same...

But then the build/make parts all go by like molasses...

What is wrong with standard make tools that proprietary - going back a 
or two, stuff had to be used?

What did it solve that wasn't solvable in a standard make?

Maybe waf can be configured to create a standard makefile to handle
the more complex configuration parts, and then let make do what it does

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