[Samba] compiling samba 3.4.8 on CentOS_6.2

Randy Rue randyrue at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 15:19:27 MDT 2012


I appreciate the help you've given but you and I are having fundamentally
different experiences with 3.5. I've tried everything you've suggested, as
well as a bunch of conflicting suggestions from others, with no success.
I've narrowed the problem down to the idmap --> ad settings in smb.conf and
the best information I have right now suggests that something went wonky in
the app sometime after 3.4.8. So right now my immediate objective is to get
3.4.8 running and see if the problem still occurs. A particular help would
be at least getting some error in syslog or the samba logs to find out why
the binary won't start.


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On 11/07/12 00:32, Randy Rue wrote:
> Hello All.
> Been trying without avail to make idmap work with my AD so I can get
> UID/GID for SSH logins on a CentOS_6 box. Have heard from several 
> sources that idmap has seen some serious changes since 3.5 and decided 
> to roll back from the "stock" 3.5 that comes with CentOS_6 to 3.4.8. 
> I'd like to see if it has the same problems.

Why, it works just fine at least with the packages in CentOS 6.2. I cannot
speak for CentOS 6.3 because it is just out, but I very much doubt it has
broken it.


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