[Samba] oLschema2ldif & nis

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Mon Jul 9 17:08:23 MDT 2012

Hi have messed with the oLschema2ldif program a time or two.  

As far as I know you are correct that it is an independent program.  I
can also tell you that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't,
depends on which schema you are trying to import.  I can also tell you,
based on my experience only, that usually most but not all attributes
will convert, and of the attributes that do convert, usually most but
not all will import into samba4.  

I found that in most of the schemas I tried to convert that there is
often only one or two stanzas out of the whole schema that will prevent
the whole thing from working.  So with some trial and error, I often got
most of the attributes to import correctly.  In most cases, the
attributes that would not import weren't ones I was planning on using
anyway.  But I only ever got one schema to convert and import 100%
correctly (I think that was the asterisk schema), and there were two or
three that did not work enough to be useful.

It sounds like maybe you don't need to import that schema anyway, but if
you do need to use oLschema2ldif, dont' be afraid to play with it; it
will mostly work if you poke it from enough directions...

On Mon, 2012-07-09 at 17:09 -0400, Steve Thompson wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Jul 2012, Rowland Penny wrote:
> > On 09/07/12 17:57, Steve Thompson wrote:
> >> oLschema2ldif (version 4.0.0beta3-GIT-666dba3) segfaults when presented 
> >> with the nis.schema from an RHEL5 system.
> > That could be because what is in nis.schema is already in the samba4.schema,
> Indeed that may be the case, and I can in fact insert netgroups into 
> Samba4's LDAP database without augmenting the schema. It's just that I 
> thought that oLschema2ldif was a standalone application independent of
> the Samba4 database. I guess not!
> Steve

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