[Samba] Netbios over VPN

Fernando Lozano fernando at lozano.eti.br
Mon Jul 9 07:26:47 MDT 2012

Niels Dettenbach <nd at syndicat.com> escreveu:

Am Montag, 9. Juli 2012, 08:29:00 schrieb Daniel Müller:
> This is right. Openvpn does the job perfectly fine here connecting our far
> away office in our network and Samba-Domain. 

We can recommend OpenVPN too.

The "easiest" way to connect to a Samba by VPN in the majority of scenarios 
should be the OpenVPN TAP mode (layer 2) - but security may more difficult to 
handle a bit.

-> see i.e.:

for some basics about this...

To "solve" name resolution questions i knew manies who are using a DNS with 
their samba / OpenVPN setup. Not shure how far samba / windows network 
browsing is working today over tap correctly (did not tried that in the past 
again) but may be there are more clever solutions possible today.

best regards,


Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT & Internet
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Hi there,

We are using tun (routed) without problems. Just a matter of configuring wins and/or dns.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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