[Samba] Netbios over VPN

Sebastian Suchanek samba at suchanek.de
Sun Jul 8 09:43:43 MDT 2012

Am 05.07.2012 16:30, schrieb Andrew Mark:
> I am attempting to utilize BackupPC on a Fedora 14 server to backup a remote client.
> As I understand, it's primary mechanism for finding clients is performing a nmblookup <clientname>
> This works fine for computers connected to the local network.
> My issue is extending ?Samba's? search to encompass our other network - the point-to-point VPNs
> Using OpenVPN, we have a number of road warriors who connect their VPN to gain access to the samba server.
> Each has a unique static IP address in the 10.30.251 range and when connected, I can find them but not samba
> [...]

I presume, you're using one or more TUN device(s) on OpenVPN? If so, I 
recommend switching to TAP devices instead, if possible. Bridging should 
save you from a lot of trouble around NetBIOS/SMB.

Best Regards,


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