[Samba] BDC Clients Unable to update DNS (PTR/A)

Germ van Ek g.vanek at stationtostation.nl
Wed Jul 4 02:43:01 MDT 2012


I unfortunately don't have the time to help you investigate, but the logs show clearly that you have a problem with Kerberos. Please test its workings on both PDC and BDC. There should be plenty of docs, forum posts and other stuff on the internet to help you with that.

Best regards,

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Van: samba-bounces at lists.samba.org namens Pradeep Pal
Verzonden: wo 4-7-2012 7:07
Aan: samba at lists.samba.org
Onderwerp: [Samba] BDC Clients Unable to update DNS (PTR/A)

Through samba4 BDC server not update DNS record in PDC DNS server. please
see logs

 04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.802 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.802 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client query '
pradeep-96b8ca7.abc.com/SOA/IN' approved
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.806 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.806 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.807 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client query 'adc.abc.com/A/IN'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.812 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client update
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 samba_dlz: starting transaction on zone abc.com
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client updating zone '
abc.com/NONE': prerequisites are OK
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client update 'abc.com/IN'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client updating zone '
abc.com/NONE': rolling back
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on zone abc.com
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.847 client new TCP connection
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client replace
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 clientmgr @0xb77dc3c8: createclients
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 clientmgr @0xb77dc3c8: create new
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client @0xb780e7e8: create
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client read
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client TCP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.850 failed gss_inquire_cred: GSSAPI error: Major =
Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor =
Credentials cache file '/tmp/krb5cc_200' not found.
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.858 failed gss_accept_sec_context: GSSAPI error: Major
= Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor
= Permission denied.
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.858 process_gsstkey(): dns_tsigerror_badkey
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client read
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client @0xb780e7e8: accept
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client request failed: end of
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client closetcp
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.411 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client @0xb780e008: udprecv

Can any one help me
Thanks & Regards
Pradeep Pal
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