[Samba] BDC Clients Unable to update DNS (PTR/A)

Pradeep Pal pspal83 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 23:07:24 MDT 2012


Through samba4 BDC server not update DNS record in PDC DNS server. please
see logs

 04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.800 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.802 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.802 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.803 client query '
pradeep-96b8ca7.abc.com/SOA/IN' approved
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.806 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.806 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.807 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.808 client query 'adc.abc.com/A/IN'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.812 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.813 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 client update
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.815 samba_dlz: starting transaction on zone abc.com
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client updating zone '
abc.com/NONE': prerequisites are OK
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client update 'abc.com/IN'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client updating zone '
abc.com/NONE': rolling back
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on zone abc.com
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.818 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.819 client @0xb780e008: udprecv
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.847 client new TCP connection
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client replace
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 clientmgr @0xb77dc3c8: createclients
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 clientmgr @0xb77dc3c8: create new
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client @0xb780e7e8: create
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client read
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client TCP request
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.848 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.850 failed gss_inquire_cred: GSSAPI error: Major =
Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor =
Credentials cache file '/tmp/krb5cc_200' not found.
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.858 failed gss_accept_sec_context: GSSAPI error: Major
= Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor
= Permission denied.
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.858 process_gsstkey(): dns_tsigerror_badkey
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client read
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.864 client @0xb780e7e8: accept
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client request failed: end of
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:22:19.870 client closetcp
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client UDP request
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client using view '_default'
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client request is not signed
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client recursion available
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.359 client query
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.411 client send
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client sendto
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client senddone
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client next
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client endrequest
04-Jul-2012 10:27:11.412 client @0xb780e008: udprecv

Can any one help me
Thanks & Regards
Pradeep Pal

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