[Samba] smb.conf for around 2500 users

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Tue Jul 3 04:37:11 MDT 2012

On 02/07/12 23:28, Steve Thompson wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Jul 2012, steve wrote:
>> What I want is for that same home directory to be mapped to a windows
>> drive letter. My method of having one share per class works, but would
>> create over 30 shares. I'm not sure that having this many shares is
>> advisable. I can find few examples of smb.conf's with more than but a
>> handful of shares.
> I have over 1000 shares - it works fine.
> Steve
Hi Steve
THanks for the info. It gives me confidence in that my 30 or so shares 
seem trivial by comparison.

It also looks like the multiple shares method is the only way to go as 
symlinking from a single share to the real data does not work. Maybe 
this is something that is not implemented in the s4 file-server at the 

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