[Samba] Samba share access problems

Derek Lewis dlewis at mtu.edu
Mon Jul 2 01:23:27 MDT 2012


I have Samba 3.6.6 compiled and running under Ubuntu 10.04 server, I
upgraded from 3.5.x and used the same share and configuration file.

I have access problems from my Windows machines "network path not found"
that I am trying to diagnose via smbclient from the server console: with

When I run, smblcient -L wen-chang\<user1>,. For any of my users, I see the
error message "Error returning browse list: NT STATUS OK".

The shares are browseable=yes, so I think this is a permissions problem or
an issue with the way I created my Samba users.

Suggestions on additional tests to locate the problem?

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