[Samba] TS licensing problem on samba domain

Ludovic Rouse-Lamarre ludovic.rouse-lamarre at xyzcivitas.com
Sun Jan 29 10:02:45 MST 2012


We have recently joined a Windows Server 2008 R1 on our samba domain as 
a domain member. The samba domain controller runs Samba version 3.4.9 on 
FreeBSD 8.2.

We use the Windows Server as a terminal server for our domain users who 
need an accounting application called Acomba. Therefore we have added TS 
User CALs to the server in question. The TS Licensing Server was 
activated and the licenses were installed succesfully.

The problem comes when we use the Licensing Diagnosis tool inside the TS 
Configuration application. It then reports that it cannot find the TS 
Licensing Server and that we are still within the grace period.

For screenshots:

You might wonder why I am sending this question on the samba mailing 
list. I have found that when I put the Windows Server on a workgroup I 
then no longer get problems with the Licensing Diagnosis. The licensing 
server is detected and it reports correctly that I have 6 TS CALs. But I 
much prefer to have the server on the domain.

I have also found other posts with people having the same problem:

We have posted the question on Microsoft's forums without getting an answer:

I have also called Microsoft and they have confirmed to me that this is 
a technical issue and that the licenses are correctly installed. I get 
the feeling however that when I tell them I use a Samba domain 
controller they won't be of any help.

Thank you for your help,
Ludovic Rouse-Lamarre

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