[Samba] Samba 3.5.8 - windows XP workstations disapear from browselist

Daniel Deptuła daniel.deptula at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 13:59:46 MST 2012


I'm afraid I have the same problem in my network. We have a domain where 
Samba (3.5.11) is the PDC. Clients include Windows XP's and 7's. I 
recently noticed that many stations are not visible in the browselist. 
I'll investigate it and let you know about the results.


W dniu 2012-01-25 10:50, BartekR pisze:
> Hello !
> I would like to refresh this topic beacuse I have discovered something 
> new. This problem relates only to machines with WINDOWS XP with 
> automatic system update enabled. Win XP sp2 (fresh install) with 
> disabled updates does not dissapear! So should i try to uninstall some 
> of updates ?Is there any way to find the one responsible for this 
> problem?
> Thanks !
> BartekR

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