[Samba] changing hostname of the client ? (without un-joining)

Xavier COUDIN xavier.coudin at ac-nantes.fr
Mon Jan 23 09:39:00 MST 2012


Using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS,

I am successfully joining this computer to a AD network  (server = win 
(using likewise)

I would like to try this :   change the name of the (linux) client, 
sothat the server takes this change in account : WITHOUT UNJOINING THE 
With a XP workstation, it is easy to do it : XP just ask  you to provide 
a domain-admin login+password, and then the transaction is made.

Is there any possibility to do the same using a linux client ?

I just tested to change the /etc/hostname file, then (of course) I could 
not log to the domain anymore. Not surprised of this reaction, it is 
quite normal.

I feel that for the moment, the only possibility to do it is : (1) 
unjoin from domain   (2) change hostname   (3) join to domain
It is not practical.

All I can successfuly do at this moment is :
domainjoin-cli leave
domainjoin-cli setname  newname
domainjoin-cli join ............................

my final target :
- managing many computers
- some already joined to the domain, some not yet
- computer learns its hostname through the DNS system, and compares it 
with its  hostname file
- if dns-hostname is different from  local-hostname, then update 
- if already joined to a domain, must dialog with the server to adjust 
its name in the Active-Directory

Does any tool exist in the samba project that can dialog with the server 
to dynamically change the hostname on both side (client + server) ?

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