[Samba] Problem Accessing Samba share from Windows workstation via DNS Round Robin

Peter Tan PTan at ipswich.qld.gov.au
Thu Jan 19 23:38:01 MST 2012

I have set up a 2 node linux cluster and wish to share a ocfs2 mount on san storage. I have configured ctdb, samba and Kerberos and am able to map the share on my windows workstation when I hit the ip of each of the two nodes.

I am able to mount this share via nfs on other linux servers ok.

However it does not appear to be authenticating when I try to map to the DNS hostname that has been set up to round robins across the two ip's - I keep getting prompted for a login and password and I get the following in /var/log/messages: "krb5_rd_req failed (Key table entry not found)"

Node 1:
Node 2:
DNS A Name: clusterpub
DNS A Name: clusterpub

I have set the "netbios name = clusterpub" in smb.conf on both nodes

Interestingly, I am able to successfully connect to the "clusterpub" share from one of the nodes via smbclient.

# smbclient //clusterpub/archive -U <user>
Enter <user> password:
Domain=[COUNCIL] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.5.4-0.83.el5]
smb: \> dir
  .                     D        0  Fri Jan 20 14:28:01 2012
  ..                    D        0  Wed Jan 18 13:56:46 2012
  hello-from-samba               0  Fri Jan 20 14:28:01 2012

                64000 blocks of size 16777216. 63805 blocks available
smb: \>

What am I missing?

Peter Tan

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