[Samba] winbind not working with openlikewise

Eric Smith eric at techsoft3d.com
Wed Jan 18 12:36:31 MST 2012

Hello all,

I'm having a problem with winbind not able to start. I've joined an active directory domain successfully using likewise and for brief time this was working, people were able to mount drives by their active directory account. I know that likewise is working because I'm successfully able to ssh into the box using these accounts. But now windbind has stubbornly refused to start. Yet strangely when I run net ads info I get good information back but winbind claims this " Could not fetch our SID - did we join?"

Any thoughts?

thank you


ubuntu 10.4 LTS
samba            2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ub

error message:

[2012/01/18 11:03:18,  0] winbindd/winbindd.c:1258(main)
  winbindd version 3.4.7 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2009
[2012/01/18 11:03:18,  0] winbindd/winbindd_cache.c:2578(initialize_winbindd_cache)
  initialize_winbindd_cache: clearing cache and re-creating with version number 1
[2012/01/18 11:03:18,  0] winbindd/winbindd_util.c:782(init_domain_list)
  Could not fetch our SID - did we join?
[2012/01/18 11:03:18,  0] winbindd/winbindd.c:1399(main)
  unable to initialize domain list

root at iron:~# net ads info
LDAP server:
LDAP server name: lewis.ts3d.lan
Realm: TS3D.LAN
Bind Path: dc=TS3D,dc=LAN
LDAP port: 389
Server time: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 11:02:33 PST
KDC server:
Server time offset: 6


	workgroup = TS3D
        	realm = TS3D.LAN
        	server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu)
        	security = ADS
	idmap backend = lwopen
        	idmap uid = 6000-9999999999
     	 idmap gid = 12000-9999999999
        	encrypt passwords = yes
        	winbind use default domain = yes

LSA Server Status:

Compiled daemon version:
Packaged product version:
Uptime:        0 days 18 hours 3 minutes 31 seconds

[Authentication provider: lsa-activedirectory-provider]

	Status:        Online
	Mode:          Un-provisioned
	Domain:        TS3D.LAN
	Forest:        ts3d.lan
	Site:          Default-First-Site-Name
	Online check interval:  300 seconds
	[Trusted Domains: 4]

	[Domain: TS3D]

		DNS Domain:       ts3d.lan
		Netbios name:     TS3D
		Forest name:      ts3d.lan
		Trustee DNS name: 
		Client site name: Default-First-Site-Name
		Domain SID:       S-1-5-21-1829495566-3183369087-890321766
		Domain GUID:      2e91032e-23fb-ba48-881d-b29c3c40f2bd
		Trust Flags:      [0x001d]
		                  [0x0001 - In forest]
		                  [0x0004 - Tree root]
		                  [0x0008 - Primary]
		                  [0x0010 - Native]
		Trust type:       Up Level
		Trust Attributes: [0x0000]
		Trust Direction:  Primary Domain
		Trust Mode:       In my forest Trust (MFT)
		Domain flags:     [0x0001]
		                  [0x0001 - Primary]

		[Domain Controller (DC) Information]

			DC Name:              lewis.ts3d.lan
			DC Address:           xxx.xxx.xxx
			DC Site:              Default-First-Site-Name
			DC Flags:             [0x000033fd]
			DC Is PDC:            yes
			DC is time server:    yes
			DC has writeable DS:  yes
			DC is Global Catalog: yes
			DC is running KDC:    yes


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