[Samba] Error while display user info using wbinfo command

kartheek katakam katakamkartheek at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 18:35:02 MST 2012


I was trying to integrate AD to Cent OS 6 server. As part of it I was
running into these error, listed below. Authentication is successful
against the AD server using wbinfo, but cant able to list user information
using wbinfo. Not sure what might be the issue.

error message:
[2012/01/17 15:12:49.472876,  1]

  Could not get unix ID

[root at HOSTNAME1V ~]# wbinfo -a z5073%Car108

plaintext password authentication succeeded

challenge/response password authentication succeeded

[root at HOSTNAME1V ~]# wbinfo -i z5073

Could not get info for user z5073

[root at HOSTNAME1V ~]#

Thanks & Regards,

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