[Samba] Samba 4 kerberos and kinit

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Mon Jan 16 11:19:39 MST 2012

(apology. forgot to send only to list)
On 01/16/2012 07:18 PM, steve wrote:
>> Well, either it will need to have the password hard coded in the
>> config file like you have it at the moment, I believe, or it will need
>> a ticket to access the directory.
>>> Anyway, I've a 10 hour experiment in progress as on the other thread.
>>> Fingers crossed!
> Well, 24 hours later and nslcd is still running and still mapping uid 
> and gid's from LDAP both over the nfs4 network and on the Samba 4 
> server itself. The /tmp/krbcc_0 ticket cache for steve2 got destroyed 
> at some stage but steve2 can still logon OK without doing a kinit. He 
> does of course have to give his password to logon, but not to access 
> anything else e.g his roaming profile on an nfs share. One annoying 
> thing is that on a Linux client, xscreensaver will not deactivate 
> using steve2's kerberos password. He's locked out.
> Cheers
> Steve

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