[Samba] Can see directories however no files

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Fri Jan 13 03:53:37 MST 2012

> From: Samba [mailto:samba at hoogerdijk.org]
> Sent: 12 January 2012 14:25
> I am setting up a new server with Centos 6.2, EXT4 file system and
> Samba
> 3.5.10-114 and have made several shares. When I connect from an XP or
> Windows 7 PC I can access the shares and I can see the directories
> which
> are in the share, but not the files. I am busy for two weeks now to
> figure
> out why, but cannot find any leads. I checked the permissions on the
> share
> and on the files and they look OK:
> Directory "files" (this directory is shared):
> drwxrwx---. 17 raymond  users     4096 Dec  5 14:21 files
> Then the rights from a file which is in the share (I cannot see the
> file
> from XP or Windows 7):
> -rwxrwx---.  1 raymond users 9715984 May 19  2010 guideDUT.pdf

I came across something like this myself yesterday - it was an SELinux
issue.  Use "ls -Z" to see the security context of the files.  You may need
either to choose a suitable context, or set one of the Samba SELinux options
(see "man samba_selinux").  

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