[Samba] samba CPD nfs lock

sebastien PROUFF sebastien.prouff at ac-poitiers.fr
Tue Jan 10 03:49:23 MST 2012

Hi all,

I got a problem after a samba CPD migration.
here is configuration before migration :
OS : ubuntu 10.04
samba/LDAP CPD
home, profile share on a local disk

Here is the configuration after migration
OS : debian squeeze
samba/LDAP CPD( migration of sid and ldap directory succesful)
home and profile share on a nfs share.

What's works :
connexion to the domain, file creation.

What's does not work
When i open a file on my home share, modify and record it, it does not 
work. I got a message like another process accessing to the file so this 
process can't access to!)

What I did ?
I modified my smb.conf and add
locking = no to the home and profile share.

So, my questions are :
- is it a known issue ?
- is it possible to have my home and profile on a nfs share ? If yes, 
what did I miss to get it work properly?
- is it dangerous to enable locking = no for these share ? ( because 
only the authentificated user can access to these share )

Thank you for your advice


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