[Samba] issues with printing

Tom Ryan tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu
Thu Jan 5 07:31:06 MST 2012

On 1/4/12 5:44 PM, "Tom Ryan" <tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu> wrote:
>>I've included a full log from a failed print session here:

Ok, I've managed to determine that every user who is having an issue
printing has an error message like

[2012/01/05 09:18:54.928729,  3] auth/auth_util.c:1028(check_account)
  Failed to find authenticated user DOMAIN\machinename$ via getpwnam(),
denying access.
[2012/01/05 09:18:54.929709,  2] auth/auth.c:319(check_ntlm_password)
  check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [machinename$] ->
[machinename$] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER
[2012/01/05 09:18:54.929807,  3] smbd/error.c:81(error_packet_set)
  error packet at smbd/sesssetup.c(124) cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX)

You might recall that we don't use winbind so I'm at a loss as to why this
happens sporadically and what I can do (short of editing the code) to work
around it.


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