[Samba] Samba Cluster Setup with CTDB problems

Philipp Rusch - New Vision IT philipp.rusch at newvision-it.de
Wed Jan 4 12:48:48 MST 2012

We have a setup with three nodes - SLES 11 SP1 + HAE addon.
This is running fine, wich means: OpenAIS ist starting, we have access
to a shared volume with OCFS2 filesystem,
have SBD running, quorum is working as expected. CTDB is managing SAMBA
and winbind.
OK - this runs as long as we do not try to restart CTDB. We always have
to restart the whole thing on all 3 nodes.
Then CTDB dies with an "unknown error".
We want to build a clustered fileserver for CIFS shares, therefore we
need a reliable way to integrate with an ADS.
Any hints highly appreciated.

- Philipp

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