[Samba] limiting netbios browsing

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Mon Jan 2 12:29:43 MST 2012

Given a DC environment where very few (1-3) hosts actually need to be
discovered via browsing is there a good way to limit what is
I'm thinking of something like a read-only WINS - where WINS provides
only those servers that need be contacted and doesn't allow client
Such as a wins.dat that only contains the following:
"MYDOMAIN#1e" 1325615798 e4R
"MYDOMAIN#1c" 1325572378 e4R
"FILESERVER#00" 1325615798 64R
"FILESERVER#20" 1325615798 64R
"MYDOMAIN#00" 1325615798 e4R
"DOMCONTROL#20" 1325572378 66R
"DOMCONTROL#00" 1325572378 66R
"DOMCONTROL#03" 1325572378 66R
"MYDOMAIN#1b" 1325572378 64R
"FILESERVER#03" 1325615798 64R

With a p-p node type clients can browse for the needed info as shown
above but wouldn't see all of the other client systems in the browse

Unfortunately the wins.dat file will not maintain a read only status
and all of the clients will end up getting registered (and in the
browse list).

Am I missing something?



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