[Samba] LDAP auth without LDAP Schema

Tom Noonan II thomas.noonan.ii at hp.com
Thu Feb 23 08:17:49 MST 2012

I am working on configuring Samba 3.5.10 to use a common login framework, and I
am still in the research phase.  I have access to a LDAP server which I do not
control.  In researching this server I have found that is contains NT login
fields, which I'm currently assuming contains a NT password hash, but not the
Samba schemas.  In my readings of the smb.conf man page I have not found
options to map usernames, passwords, groups, and such to user specified
LDAP search strings.  Can Samba be custom configured to a non-Samba-standard
LDAP schema?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Noonan II
ESL Technician - Randstad

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