[Samba] Joining a SLES 11SP1 Samba server to a Active Directory server

David Disseldorp ddiss at suse.de
Wed Feb 29 10:23:28 MST 2012

[cc'ing general list rather than samba-technical]

Hi Ron,

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:16:19 -0600
Ron Short <short at sgi.com> wrote:

> Looking for a couple of example configuration files and steps to join a 
> samba server running on SLES 11 SP1 to an Active Directory server.  
> Looking for examples using and not using kerberos.
> We have been using an example and were able to get the 2 to join a 
> couple times, but they do not always join nor when joined, stay joined 
> for very long.

Kerberos requires loose time synchronization between the AD domain
controller and members, is this configured?

Are you able to join using yast->Windows Domain Membership? This UI can
be used to configure your smb.conf and krb5.conf files for membership.

Cheers, David

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