[Samba] windows and nfs4 acls

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Tue Feb 28 00:27:02 MST 2012

Hi everyone

We're really struggling with nfs4 <--> windows acls.

  Samba4 share --> cifs --> win7. No problem
  Samba4 share --> nfs4 --> Linux. acls not inherited
Neither is there inheritance vica versa.

  e.g. It is not possible to create files with group rw on a umask 0022 
nfs4 share. nfs4_setfacl cannot override umask. Using POSIX or windows 
acls this works fine. I've approached the nfs4 devs and they've said 
that they'll look into it, but so far. Exporting nfs4 with -o noacl (in 
the hope that the windows acl would take effect) has no effect.

1. Is it possible to get Samba to override the nfs4 acl and use whatever 
I've set on windows security acl instead?
2. Is there a way to export a single directory with a umask of my choice?
3. Would it be reasonable to ask my distro (openSUSE) to consider this 
problem as a feature request? Perhaps as a patch over nfs4_setfacl?
L & S at lcb

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