[Samba] Win {vista, 7} + Offline folders + samba + clamfs resulting in .tmp files.

Ian Coetzee samba at iancoetzee.za.net
Mon Feb 27 00:18:45 MST 2012

Hi Guys

I am writing, hoping you could help me with this.

As the subject states, I have a Samba (3.4.7) server. On it I have
created 2 shares one that I access the files directly and the other
share I access the same files via clamfs (1.0.1).

Then I connect a Windows 7 machine to it. With offline files disabled,
I have no problems, however with offline files enabled I am getting a
lot of .tmp files when editing office files via the clamfs share.

I have done some reading and as far as I can tell this happens on the
save operation:
1. File gets saved as .tmp
2. Old file gets deleted
3. tmp file gets renamed to old file

The problem is that step 3 never happens when working on the clamfs share.

I have tried this article
but no luck.

I have also tried adding tmp to clamfs's whitelist, no change though.

I can try getting some logs, but what verbosity level?

Let me know where I can shine my flashlight and give you more details.


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