[Samba] Implementing SuisseID X.509 certificate login on Samba

Andreas Meile mailingliste at andreas-meile.ch
Fri Feb 24 06:49:14 MST 2012

Dear Samba users

I recently successfully implemented a SuisseID smartcard based Windows login 
on a original Microsoft AD domain controller server as shown in


(English documentation) Because Samba supports "domain logon = yes" since 
several years and my attached Windows XP client box offers using a smartcard 
for authentication since I own my SuisseID smartcard, I'd like to put the 
following question: Does the current stable Samba version (3.x) also support 
adding UPNs (user principal names) to users in smbpasswd as well as 
configuring trusted root certificates to get working certificate based 
logins or do I have to wait for Samba 4 for that?

In case that certificate based logins using UPNs is possible with Samba 3.x, 
a WWW link to the documentation would be helpful. In case that Samba 
currently does not support X.509 login and UPNs yet, you can add this topic 
to the feature request list for Samba 4.

Thanks in advance for hints and answers.

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