[Samba] wbinfo -u not showing domain users

Samba User samba.user at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 10:21:00 MST 2012


One of my customers is trying to get his AD integrated with samba 3.5.8 he is running with an older version of CentOs.

His domain consist of 1 PDC, 1 BDC  and onother DC that replicates the PDC in a remote location.

The join to the domain seem to be successful. When I run the command "net ads testjoin" I get a OK message.
I can see the users of the domain, when I run the command "net ads user".
However wbinfo -u does not show me the user list. When I run wbinfo --online-status, the domain I have joined to
is not shown. Only the BUILTIN and the host name is output. The winbindd logs say that the domain is not known when I
run the command wbinfo --domain=<DOMAIN> -u. 

How can this happen? How can I get winbindd to recognize the domain?

Thanks in advance

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