[Samba] Samba network shares over VPN

Fernando Lozano fernando at lozano.eti.br
Wed Feb 22 06:47:20 MST 2012

Hi there,

I have two computers, one Windows XP other Windows 7 (actually a dozen
each) which are members of a Samba domain. Users have no problem login
in to the domain, running the login script to map network drives and
accesssing files on them, for both computers.

I want to give users remote access using a VPN (OpenVPN to be exact).
The idea is to login on a disconnected computer using a domain account
cached profie, then connnect to the VPN, then map network drives.
OpenVPN allows running a batch file on connection sucessfull and I use
this to run the user login script from the PDC netlogon share.

The Windows XP computer does this fine. Happy remote users.

But the Windows 7 doesn't. It asks for user login and password for each
server (network drives are on different samba member servers)

Someone told me the problem should to be related to the fact the TAP
adapter (the VPN virtual network adapter) is considered by windows as an
"unknown network" and classified as a "public network". But I could not
find a way to turn this into a home / work or domain network location.

I already tried customising and disabling windows firewall, no changes.

Any ideas on how to transparently access network shares from domain
member servers over a vpn using windows 7?

[]s, Fernnado Lozano

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