[Samba] V4 - New Install - Missing Zone File

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 01:02:00 MST 2012

On 22 February 2012 00:58, Amitay Isaacs <amitay at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 11:57 PM, Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Since I provisioned samba4 before the DLZ option was available I have
>> stuck with BIND9_FLATFILE for now.
> I have pushed upgradedns script to upgrade DNS provisioning from BIND9_FLATFILE
> backend to BIND9_DLZ backend or SAMBA_INTERNAL.
> If you would like to migrate to AD based DNS, you can give the script a try.

Thanks, Amitay.  I don't have time to try it now, but I'll let you
know if I run into any issues when I do.

By the way, how does this interact with dbcheck and upgradeprovision?
e.g. which order should I run them in?  My current provision is
4.0.0alpha12-GIT-77b9b97 and Matthieu was looking into some issues I
had with upgradeprovision which were related to DNS:


Given the above I suppose it might be safest to try upgradedns before
upgradeprovision and perhaps dbcheck before upgradedns?

But if I try this it won't be in production yet because the last thing
Matthieu said about upgradeprovision was that it should not be used
until he's fixed it.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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