[Samba] SELinux Samba Exception on EL6

Philipoff, Andrew aphilipoff at medicine.ucsf.edu
Tue Feb 21 15:47:13 MST 2012

In RHEL 6, disable_trans booleans were replaced by permissive domains. I'd suggest that you take a look at page 60 of the RHEL Security-Enhanced Linux documentation for more information.

Andrew Philipoff
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UCSF Department of Medicine - IT Services

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We are planning to migrate to EL6 and came across this issue that I am trying to get around.


Current system spec:






In EL5 we disabled selinux for samba using 'smbd_disable_trans'
directive and the shares work fine. On RHEL6 I couldn't find this Boolean. Is there an alternate directive that accomplishes same?


The mounts that I want to share using samba have "autofs_t" context and I don't want to change it. Any recommendations?



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