[Samba] acl's, Samba4 and rw shares

Aaron E. ssureshot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 11:39:43 MST 2012

Setting the Permissions in windows is easy, browse to your server like 
so..start> run  \\server

right click share >  properties,> security tab -- if your unfamiliar 
with windows permissions I would read up on those..

being doable in linux,, hmm I'm sure it is but as I said I would create 
a share change windows permissions and look at them through linux, do 
that and you'll get the idea of what I'm talking about...

Someone can correct me here if I step out of bounds but I don't think 
the samba team has gotten this far yet to make the samba-tool ntacl tree 
practical to use..

as far as how the perms are shared is relative to file-system support, 
that's what the user_xattr support on the mount point is for.. so it 
adds the support for the Linux mount to store the NTACLS ,

>> Hi
> Thanks for taking the time to explain this. Just thinking out loud, but
> since windows will be storing stuff on an ext4 filesystem, whatever the
> ntacl does must be doable in Linux too no? Or am I missing the point
> here? Anyway, the next stage is to find where to set the ntacl from the
> windows side. Is it a case of searching or is it buried deep inside the
> registry somewhere?
> BTW, we have setup the S4 users with posix attrs and files are stored
> correctly on both Linux and windows. We map via nss-pam-ldapd on Linux.
> Not set any ntacls there, so far that is since we've only just started
> to experiment with rw shares..
> Cheers,
> Steve

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