[Samba] Samba w/AD Support on AIX 6.1 - Error w/Authentication

Christian Ambach ambi at samba.org
Tue Feb 14 04:34:44 MST 2012

On 02/13/2012 06:08 PM, ejp wrote:

> It no longer fails on my workstation ID:-) It says "not permitted to access
> this share (ep)". I'm missing permissions somewhere?

         comment = restricted access
         path = /home/epluskwa
         create mask = 0775
         valid users = epluskwa,root
         read only = no

You defined ep to only be accessible for epluskwa and root, but you 
connected as CITNET\ed pluskwa. This does not match and so access to the 
share is denied

> I also noticed in my nmbd.log that it was growing very quickly with the
> following messages:
> [...]
> [2012/02/13 11:48:43,  2] lib/interface.c:341(add_interface)
>    added interface en4 ip= bcast= netmask=
> [2012/02/13 11:48:43,  2] nmbd/nmbd.c:280(reload_interfaces)
>    Found new interface
> [2012/02/13 11:48:43,  0] lib/util_sock.c:664(open_socket_in)
>    bind failed on port 137 socket_addr =
>    Error = Can't assign requested address
> Interface is not a defined or valid addr for us. Where is that
> coming from? Can't ping it and nslookup fails. is detected as broadcast address of en4 with
Maybe the broadcast address is not correctly configured for the NIC?
Please check your network settings.


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