[Samba] Samba4 user mapping into filesystem

Brantley Hobbs brantley.hobbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 13:38:47 MST 2012

Hi all!

I have Samba 4.0.0alpha17 installed, running as a PDC for my small
home network.  Everything works great, but I'm noticing something odd.
 When a user creates a file, it's created with a non-existent owner on
the filesystem.  The group is OK.

The problem is that when I set ACL's from a Windows computer, the
files with that owner can't be changed (i.e., Windows gives a
'retry/continue/cancel" dialog).  If I change those files to
root:users, I can set ACL's on them all day long.

I've searched all over and can't find out any clues as to why this is
happening, or how to correct it.

My questions:
- What underlying filesystem permissions, owner and group should I set
for files/directories in a Samba share?
- Should I/Can I force the owner/group and permissions on newly created files?
- Why are new files created with a non-existent user in the first place?

My installation:
- Ubuntu 11.10 (server)
- Underlying filesystem is a mix of EXT3 and EXT4 (EXT3 FS has xattrs
enabled and working)
- Not using UNIX users; the users are all in the internal Samba database
- Samba runs as root
- My smb.conf file is using a bare minimum of options; just enough to
define shares and set some service information

Thanks for your help.


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