[Samba] Any news on Samba 4 winbind?

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Wed Feb 8 01:43:14 MST 2012

I have nfs4 with idmapd working perfectly via the S4 LDAP. For Linux 
clients that is. I can specify uid:gid and name mapping works fine 
between server and client. If I want to map the Linux users to a windows 
7 box, I'm stuck with the values that winbind allocates when I create 
the samba4 user i.e. everyone has to have a uid of 100 if they want a 
choice of workstation:(

The last thing I want to appear to be is demanding. I just wanted to 
know if there were any workarounds available so I could use nfs on the 
linux side but keep the uid:gid I had added to LDAP on the windows side.


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