[Samba] Samba logins disconnect?

Carl G. Riches cgr at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 1 16:31:19 MST 2012

I have been chasing down a problem where PC logins to our Samba server 
get disconnected from their printer and file shares.  Here is the sequence 
of events:

   User logs in to PC
   File shares from NetApp file server are mapped and mounted
   Printer shares from Samba server go into "opening" state, may or
     may not become "Ready"
   Later, mapped network drives are "Disconnected Network Drives" and
     printers may report "Ready" but printing fails
   Opening a mapped network drive brings it out of "Disconnected" state
     but but it will go back to "Disconnected" after a few minutes
   Opening a printer window from "Printers and Faxes" may re-initialize
     the printer but may not

Here's our environment:
   server room:
     Samba 3.0.21
     NetApp Release 7.3.4 file server
   client networks:
     Winows XP clients
   IPsec tunnel (running on pfSense 2.0 firewalls) connects server room
     to client networks

I haven't been able to find anything helpful in web searches, although 
there are a number of hits on similar problems.

Carl G. Riches
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