[Samba] Samba4 AD DC Sites / Rename Default-First-Site-Name and internal DNS

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Sun Dec 30 20:10:14 MST 2012

> As you have noticed, we are very good at adding DNS records, but never
> remove the old ones.  What you have done seems reasonable, if you have
> renamed the site, removing the remaining DNS references seems entirely
> reasonable.
> Please file a bug about the left-behind DNS stuff, we really should
> clean that up.
> Andrew Bartlett

There is this menu option "cleanup old resource entries" in the DNS snap-in, guess it's normal AD behaviour.  :-)
This does not yet work against an Samba4 AD DC. But I'll file an bugreport.

> I'm not 100% sure that we implement everything that is needed for a 
> client to pickup the correct site, so you might see some issues still. 
It had happened in very seldom cases with the samba3/bind/openldap before. In the Samba4 test environment it happened only once after i had removed the mentioned SRV records pointig to site2's dc in site1 folders. I'll report back if it happens on an regular basis.
>> As an last step i renamed the site "Default-First-Site-Name" into 
>> "site1". Restarted the samba services at both sites check 
>> replication. But there are still a few DNS entries left whom i 
>> deleted manual. 
> It's really not a good idea to delete rename the default-First site 
> lots of Windows admins don't advise to do so, you'd better leave it 
> empty. Matthieu 

So to be on the safe side you recommend i create two new sites and assign the two servers to them, leaving Default-First-Site-Name with on assigned server.
I thought it is safer to leave the first server in that default site because i had read the sites thing is a work in progress. Renaming it was somethin i did after abit of online research which mentioned it is safe and not forbidden. Beside that now empty structure elements in dns the test environment is still work functional.


Beside all that for me samba4 is a great step forward an will simplify things alot compared to the previous samba3/bind/openldap solution

Achim Gottinger

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