[Samba] Permissions problem

Bruno MACADRE bruno.macadre at univ-rouen.fr
Thu Dec 20 08:05:50 MST 2012


	I've got a strange behaviour on a share when I copy files with files 
explorers (like Thunar, Nautilus, ...).

	This is the share configuration :
		comment = Share 01
		path = /home/shares/share1
		valid users = +share1
		force group = share1
		read only = No
		create mask = 0660
		force create mode = 0660
		directory mask = 1770
		force directory mode = 1770
		browseable = No
		strict locking = Yes

	When I copy/paste a file from my computer (which has 444 mode) to the 
share the resultant file has 444 mode (instead of the 660 expected).

	I think the mode was changed by the file explorer 'cause when the file 
was created on the share (and during the copy process) the mode is 660 
(like expected) it's just at the end of the copy that the mode was 
change to reflect mode of the source file.

	If I copy this file in command line the mode is 660 as expected, If I 
want to simulate the file explorer behaviour I must do a 'cp 
--preserve=mode' copy.

	Is there a way to forbid this behaviour ? Or is there something wrong 
in my configuration ?

	Thanx by advance,


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