[Samba] not able to log on (PDC with ldap backend)

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 07:47:01 MST 2012


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Does the  "pdbedit -Lv /machinename$/" command on the samba server show 
the machine account?    The account flags should be [W          ] only.

In LDAP, you should see the following attributes

sambaAccountFlags= [W ]

I found that with Samba 3.5.x some of the ldap attributes were not set 
correctly and I had to manually fix the sambaAccountFlags entry.

Have you specified any ports in the smb.conf.  You should stay with the 

     smb ports = 445 139

Windows clients may try initially connecting on port 445 (SMB over TCP) 
then connect to 139 (SMB over Netbios over TCP.)      In theory, you 
shouldn't need 445 but  find disabling in on samba sometimes "confuses" 
windows clients.

On 12/17/12 04:31, ingo.schmitt at binarysignals.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I set up my first PDC with LDAP as backend. I'm able to join a vista
> client to the domain. However, when want to log onto after rebooting the
> client, it claims that the logon server is n/a. My smb and slapd.confs are
> attached.
> Any ideas what i did wrong or missed to configure?
> Thx,
> Ingo
> My samba Version is: 3.5.4-5.11.1-2573-SUSE-SL11.3

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