[Samba] Installing manpages

Tom McArthur ThomasMcA at live.com
Fri Dec 14 17:05:36 MST 2012

According to the Samba documentation, the manpages are supposed to be 
installed with Samba. Quote:

docs/manpages: You don't need to worry about these yet; during the 
installation, the files will be installed so that you can use the man 
command to read them. But you can take a look in the directory to see 
which manpages are available.

My problem:

Samba4 on 64bit Fedora 17 will not install the manpages, other than a 
bare-bones "samba" page. Specifically, it will not install the 
"smb.conf" page.

What I tried:

I tried reinstalling Samba with the following commands:

sudo yum reinstall samba4
sudo yum reinstall samba4-devel
sudo yum reinstall samba4-common
sudo yum reinstall samba4-libs

No luck - "man smb.conf" still gave a "No manual entry for smb.conf" error.

After googling some more, I found the "make installman" command. So I 
downloaded the source for Samba4, and ran ./configure, make, and then 
make installman. That returned the following error:

No rule to make target `installman'

Wow, this is a PITA. Googling for that error didn't reveal anything helpful.

Next, I reinstalled from source (which I just finished compiling), 
thinking the manpages might be installed with a full, manual 
installation: sudo make install. Still no luck - "man smb.conf" still 
gives the same error.

During my googling, I remember reading about pointing the "man" command 
to the location of the manpages. So, I used the following command to 
look for the man pages:

locate smb|grep man

Next, "man man" told me the location of the local man config file. I 
wasn't sure which PATH to use, so I added these to /etc/man_db.conf:

MANPATH_MAP    /bin            /usr/local/samba/share/man
MANPATH_MAP    /usr/bin        /usr/local/samba/share/man
MANPATH_MAP    /sbin            /usr/local/samba/share/man

That finally fixed my manpage problem.

Why must the Samba man pages be so $#@%#! difficult to install? Every 
other Linux application that I have ever installed automatically 
installs the man pages. Why can't Samba do the same thing?

PS: This email would be a lot easier to read if mailing lists supported 
<code> tags, or if Samba had a forum or bulletin board. :)

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