[Samba] Samba 4 LDAP NTLM password nightly injection

Luc Lalonde Luc.Lalonde at polymtl.ca
Tue Dec 11 19:48:07 MST 2012

Hello Folks,

In pour present Samba-3 setup we update user passwords in our LDAP backend.  We only have access to the encrypted NTLM passwords and use Perl scripts to do this.

Beyond importing the user database with the 'Classic upgrade' method, will we be able to adapt our Perl scripts so that we can keep updating the internal Samba-4 database with the encrypted passwords as we did with Samba-3?

We've been using Samba for many years now and very much appreciate all the work done by the Samba team.  Congrats on getting Samba-4 to stable status!

Thank You!

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