[Samba] mutex.tdb locking errors on Solaris 10

Kirk S. S.Kirk at soton.ac.uk
Mon Apr 30 03:53:24 MDT 2012

Morning list,

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> We have not tried the version of Samba currenlty shipping with Solaris - we've found a lot of problems with it in the past integrating with AD. As it currently stands, single sign-on works but there is a CNAME that the clients are pointing to which doesn't seem optimal but does work. I take it you're using the version shipped with Solaris - update 10 to 3.5.10 I guess?


In a further update to this problem, I have migrated the CNAME to another server that we have standing in for the 'faulty' instance. This server was previously working fairly well (although SMF had restarted samba at least once due to the parent smbd process crashing but no core file was produced) and was not generating large numbers of error message regarding locking mutex.tdb.

Now I have migrated the CNAME, we have huge numbers of errors on the temporary server. I suspect some sort of Kerberos error related to the CNAME record - previously all clients using the 'good' server were using the real hostname of the box. Why this appears to cause some sort of locking error on mutex.tdb, I have no idea currently.

Does anyone have any further suggestions on this? Or does anyone know what mutex.tdb is actually used for? All of the documentation I've seen leaves its usage blank.

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