[Samba] SWAT problem

Richárd Zsoldos juice.zsr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 06:23:07 MDT 2012

Hy Everyone

Iam a beginer in samba. We recently upgraded o mac os x lion and a few days
later we figured out that the samba in it is not THE real samba. So we
decided to install the new samba by ourselves. Everything is fine now (we
needed about 10 to 12 reinstall to get that), samba running swat is up.

We got 2 little problem.

1. We cant access to swat except when we in demo mode, because our root
password didnt do the magic

2. We see everything in demo mode and most of the parameters we can change,
but the user creating handeling is another story

We got a lion 10.7.3 server edition the new samba 3 installed with macports.

A read the manual but i couldnt find the solution for any of the problems.

Manly i would satisfied if yoou have some kind of magic for the 1 problem.

Best regards

Richard Zsoldos

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