stefano malini lozingalo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 01:43:18 MDT 2012

this is my first e-mail on this list and am newbie of samba also.

I'll explain you what i'd like to do with my lan and i ask you some advices.

I've got a Debian Squeeze server. I installed an LDAP server with some 
groups and users.

The LAN has a computer room with 30 pc Ubuntu.
In addition to these there are others computers will can connect to the 
LAN using wireless connection and they can have differents operating 
systems (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu).
I want that every user can connect using a computer of the room or his 
own computer. Every user will be registered on the LDAP server.
I want that every user will have his home directory on the server and 
not on the client.

I can configure only the clients of the computer room but i can't 
configure the others (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu) because i'll not be on the 
place so, i'll not use Winbind. I want, if possible, configure 
Freeradius for the wireless authentication using LDAP credentials.
After this authentication the user will can enter in his home directory 
on the server

What do you think?

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