[Samba] Can't authenticate any more, KVNO mismatch? (alpha 17-19)

Oliver Martin oliver.martin at ventum.com
Mon Apr 23 15:54:31 MDT 2012


Am 23.04.2012 02:42, schrieb Oliver Martin:
> we've been running a Samba4 domain with alpha17 for a few months now
> without any problems. However, a few days ago, something happened and
> now winbind can't authenticate against the domain any more. Strangely,
> logging into (at least one) Windows box still works, even with a user
> that was never used on this particular box before, and therefore can't
> have any cached credentials. Trying to use the AD admin tools on that
> Windows box fails again though.

Just a quick follow-up: I solved our problem. Something had changed the 
DC object in the Domain Controllers OU, causing the mismatch. I restored 
that object from a recent backup using ldbedit, and now everything is 
working again.

The most likely candidate for the root cause seems to be the recent 
FreeNAS install, which, as I heard, failed. Maybe something did get 
mixed up there at first.


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