[Samba] Strange groups problem with 2003 AD

Eduardo Kaftanski ekaftan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 10:36:58 MDT 2012

I've searching the archives for 2 hours and cannot find somebody else
with the same problem, so please don't kill me if this is a stupid

I instaled a Centos 5 Machine with the Samba3x packages of samba and winbind
and joined it to a 2003 AD server domain. Do far, so good.

wbinfo -t works
wbinfo -u, -g works
getent passwd and group also work.

buuuuuuuuuuuut, groups are missing members and users are missing groups.

Its very strange, and looks like somewhere a cache of user/group ids
and mappings
is frozen in time. I tried deletting all the tdb files, leaving and
rejoining the domain,
givind -n to winbind to disable cache and nothing works.

nscd is off, so is iptables and selinux.

Any ideas?


Eduardo Kaftanski
eduardo at kdi.cl
ekaftan at gmail.com

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