[Samba] android cifsmanager requires group read permissions on samba server

illum illumilore at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 22:03:14 MDT 2012

   I have a server setup with samba, and other linux clients can connect
to the shares with no problems. I also have an android phone (w/
cyanogenmod) that uses the app cifsmanager from the android market to
mount the server shares on it as a client. The problem is that after a
share is mounted, the client cannot see any files or folders unless the
server's share is group readable. Both other linux clients, which can
read from the server without group read permissions, and the cifsmanager
log into the server with the same user. I checked the samba logs on the
server, and both the phone and other clients seem to connect in the same
way, so it seems weird that the phone would require group readability to
be able to see the files. It would seem to me that the server would be
controlling that aspect of the connection.
   Is there some mounting option that I am missing here, could this be a
samba bug, or would it be a bug in the cifsmanager? It just seems to me
that once a share is mounted, the permissions shouldn't have to be
different for one client or the other.

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